What Lider Factoring Offers You

Rapid and cost-efficient solutions for your domestic invoiced receivables

Lider Factoring purchases its customers’ domestic invoiced receivables with a specific discount rate calculated on a transaction basis, thus providing cost-efficient and rapid cash flow to them. Lider Factoring offers its customers the opportunity to convert their invoiced receivables into cash and thus create funds for healthy growth.


Services offered by Lider Factoring to its customers are generally grouped into two categories.

Collection Management: In collection management, customers transfer their receivables to Lider Factoring. Collection transactions and management are carried out by Lider Factoring.

Cash Management (Financing): Lider Factoring offers financing facilities to its customers through cash management.

Lider Factoring adds invoiced receivables to its portfolio to the extent of the credit limits that are defined in accordance with the customer’s risk profile. With this service, the Company finances the customer before the maturity of receivables, but at a specific pre-payment (discount) rate.