Pricing and Fees

Services that are offered through the assignment of invoiced receivables to the factoring company include management of collections and receivables, financing, and in some cases guarantee services. The scope and extent of the contract entered into between the factor (factoring company) and the customer who applies for factoring services are important in the determination of factoring fees.

Fees received from the customers in return for the above mentioned services are as follows:

1. Factoring fee

A factoring fee is a fee determined based on market conditions which is applied to the funds made available from the date of advance payment to the collection date.

2. Factoring commission

For services such as credibility search and risk & collection management, the factor collects a commission over the receivables assigned to it by the customer.

3. Other fees and costs

In addition to the factoring fee and the commission, check collection fee, EFT and money transfer fees etc. are received from the customer.

All revenues such as the commissions, fees and charges received in return of factoring services are subject to the BSMV (Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax).