Human Resources Policy

Providing service to its customers at its headquarters in Istanbul and a total of 26 branches all across Turkey, Lider Factoring’s human resources have adopted the Company’s common corporate culture, values and service approach.

Human resources are among the most important values of Lider Factoring.

As a company that provides services nationwide, Lider Factoring’s achievements are based on its rooted and dynamic organizational structure, as well as its human resources who are selected by taking geographical, cultural and social factors into account.

The target of Lider Factoring’s Human Resources Management is to create a common Employee Culture, in which the Company always stands by its employees at all times, listens to them and attaches value to their opinions. Shared by people with different socio-cultural backgrounds living in different regions, this common corporate culture has to be developed and maintained, a fact that plays a key role in keeping service quality at the maximum level.

An HR policy based on equal opportunity

In recruiting personnel, Lider Factoring adopts the principle of offering people opportunities under equal conditions. Recruitment criteria are determined in writing on a title basis.

The HR policy applied by Lider Factoring is based on the equality principle, while social benefits such as premium payments, health insurance, annual leave, etc are provided to the Company personnel under equal conditions.

Based on the same principle of equality during pay rise periods, the Company determines the rate of rise on an employee basis after evaluating the annual inflation rate and the employee’s performance throughout the year.

Performance evaluation

Lider Factoring’s performance evaluation process is based on employees’ work performance according to impartial criteria and their capability to adopt the Company’s common culture, values and service approach.

Lider Factoring seeks to meet its need for personnel primarily from its own human resources. In its decisions for training, appointment and promotion, the Company goes to great lengths to protect its own benefits in line with this criterion.

A promise to offer a safe working environment

Lider Factoring offers a safe working environment and conditions to its employees. The Company also relentlessly maintains its efforts to improve these conditions in line with rising social and technological needs.

Training at Lider Factoring

Special training programs are held in-house or outside the Company at least twice a year by taking employees’ needs and the market conditions of the period into account, in order to support employees’ achievements through continuous and appropriate training programs, to contribute to their personal and professional development and to help them improve their occupational skills. Furthermore, within the framework of a specific training schedule, regular participation of the Company personnel in courses, panels and other required events is achieved.