Frequently Asked Questions


What services are provided through factoring?

Financing: The payment to the customer (seller) of a specified ratio of the receivables assigned to the factoring company prior to the maturity date.

Guarantee: The guarantee that, within the framework of the provisions of the factoring contract, 100% of the invoice amount shall be paid if the debtor company fails to pay.

Collection: The tracking, collection and related reporting of receivables on behalf of the customer.

How is the advance payment rate determined in factoring transactions?

The advance payment rate is determined based on the maturity of assigned receivables, transaction volume and credibility of receivables.

What are the types of factoring?

Full Service Factoring
Full service factoring is a widely-used traditional type of factoring where, by means of a continuous agreement between the seller and the factoring company, the factor agrees to take over all unpaid invoiced receivables that arise from normal commercial activities, and to collect the receivables, to keep the related records and to complete an advance payment to the seller.

Such factoring services are separated into two sub-groups depending on whether or not the nonpayment risk is taken by the factoring company.

Revocable Factoring: Revocable factoring is a form of factoring where the factoring company does not carry the risk of nonpayment, but reserves the right to recourse of the customer's debt.

Irrevocable Factoring: Irrevocable factoring is the form of factoring where the factoring company bears the risk of nonpayment, within the framework of the provisions of the factoring contract.

Any disputes arising between the debtor (buyer) and the customer (seller) in connection to relations between them or any other reasons are not covered by the guarantee.

Collection Services

This form of factoring does not involve advance payment. It is imperative in these contracts that the collection is performed and sale records are kept.

If the parties agree, the assignment of the nonpayment risk to the factoring company may be included in factoring transactions. The factor shall pay the seller their receivables within an agreed period of time after the invoice date.

Invoice Discount

This is a form of factoring where only financing services are provided. It is an approach applied to the companies that require financing, but do not require receivable management services or protection against nonpayment. In this procedure, the debtor may not be informed about the assignment of the receivables to the factoring company; receivables assigned by the seller to the factor are collected by the seller again on behalf of the factor. This type of factoring can be performed in two ways:

Disclosed Factoring: Disclosed Factoring is the form of factoring where the debtor is informed of the assignment of receivables.

Undisclosed Factoring: Undisclosed Factoring is the form of factoring where the debtor is not informed about the assignment of receivables. The customer (seller) collects the receivables from debtor(s) and pays the factor. (The factor's assignment, notification and collection rights are reserved.)

What are the fees associated with factoring transactions?

Commission: Fees that factoring companies receive from customers for their services.

Factoring Fee : Factoring fee is the interest that the factor receives in return of the advance payment it makes.

Other Fees and Costs: In addition to the factoring fee and the commission, the factor collects mailing, money transfer and EFT costs from the customer.

BSMV: All revenues such as the commissions, fees and charges received in return of factoring services are subject to the BSMV (Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax).

All commissions, fees and charges related to factoring services that bring foreign exchange into Turkey are exempt from the BSMV.


How much is Lider Factoring's paid-in capital?

Lider Factoring's paid-in capital is TL 30 million.

Does Lider Factoring distribute dividends?

Yes, Lider Factoring can distribute dividends suggested by the Board of Directors and accepted by the General Board in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, the Capital Market Law and other related regulations.

In which stock exchanges are Lider Factoring shares traded?

Lider Factoring is publicly listed at Borsa Istanbul (BIST) Equity Market - Second National Market under the code, LIDFA.

When is Lider Factoring's general board meeting held?

Lider Factoring's general board meetings are held every year by the end of March. Announcements related to the general board meetings are disclosed to the public in the "Bizden Haberler" (News from us) section on our website and the official website ( of the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP).

How do you disclose information about Lider Factoring to the public?

Information about Lider Factoring is disclosed to the public on our website and the official website ( of the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP).

How can I access Lider Factoring's annual reports?

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How can I access Lider Factoring's credit ratings?

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