Corporate Approach

Lider Factoring’s Corporate Approach

Lider Factoring has adopted corporate governance as a fundamental element of success and sustainability.

Lider Factoring shaped its corporate governance structure within the scope of the following principles, which, according to the Company, are the fundamental elements of sustainable growth:

- robust corporate culture and values,

- predefined and effective business and decision making processes, and

- transparency and accountability.

The primary target of the corporate governance efforts carried out by Lider Factoring is to establish the desired sustainable corporate structure. On this matter, Lider Factoring tirelessly carries on its efforts, always raising the bar for itself.

Since 2008 Lider Factoring has had its corporate governance performance rated by an independent institution. The rating service that Lider Factoring receives from Saha Kurumsal Yönetim ve Kredi Derecelendirme Hizmetleri A.Ş. (Saha Corporate Governance and Credit Rating Services Inc) is carried out within the scope of the corporate governance rating methodology for the publicly traded companies under the “Corporate Governance Principles” published in January 2014 by the CMB.

Lider Factoring has succeeded in continuously increasing its rating since its corporate governance performance began to be rated in 2008.

Lider Factoring’s Corporate Governance Rating Results

2019 (August)9,142020 (August)9,14

Rating Date Rating (out of 10)
2008 (June) 6,97
2009 (June) 7,26
2010 (June) 7,52
2011 (June) 7,87
2012 (June) 8,28
2013 (August) 8,85 (revize 8,28)
2014 (August) 8,70
2015 (August) 8,89
2016 (August) 9,09
2017 (August) 9,10
2018 (August) 9,10
2019 (August) 9,14
2020 (August) 9,14

Lider Factoring’s Corporate Governance Rating was most recently revised in August 2020 and affirmed as 9.14 out of 10.

According to the rating agency, the increase in the Company’s rating observed in the final revision was due to: “Lider Factoring’s determination to apply corporate governance principles, its willingness to manage this process dynamically and continuously, and finally the improvements affected during the period lapsed since the publication of the original report.”

An achievement for three years

Lider Factoring received the highest rating among “non-publicly held corporations with a corporate governance rating” at the Corporate Governance Awards – an event held by the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey since 2010 – in 2010, 2011 and 2013, thus winning the grand prize for three years in a row.