About Lider Factoring

Lider Factoring was one of the first participants of the Turkish factoring industry.

Lider Faktoring A.Ş. (“Lider Factoring”) is a factoring company that operates only in Turkey. Lider Factoring was founded in 1992, at a time when the Turkish factoring industry began to gain a corporate structure. In 2008, Credit Suisse – an international banking group – purchased a stake in Lider Factoring.

Always among the leaders in terms of transaction volume

Lider Factoring has been among the top factoring companies in terms of domestic transaction volume1 since 2009. The Company was also the first independent non-bank factoring service provider to achieve a transaction volume of more than TL 1 billion.

A public factoring company whose shares are trading on Borsa Istanbul

15% of Lider Factoring’s shares were sold in the IPO and the shares started trading on Borsa Istanbul as of 19/06/2014. Lider Factoring became the third factoring company whose shares are traded on Borsa Istanbul.

A large SME based client portfolio and a nationwide organization

With a larger part of its client portfolio composed of industrial SMEs, Lider Factoring offers its customers – which is well over 22,000 - practical solutions in financing domestic receivables.

Lider Factoring is one of the leading companies in the sector, providing services to its customers through its robust and sustainable financial structure, strategic business model, high asset quality, strong funding facilities, and 21 branches throughout Turkey with a team of 180 professionals.

A high performance supported by successful debt securities issues

Lider Factoring has successfully carried out various debt securities issues since 2010. The Company issued a 2-year maturity bond for Turkish and foreign investors in 2010, and later various debt securities with different maturities in 2012 and onwards. All these issues were very successful for the Company, representing another leading step for Lider Factoring, following the pioneering steps it has taken in various areas before.

Number one in terms of corporate governance rating

Lider Factoring, which received corporate governance rating since 2008, was awarded with the grand prize in 2010, 2011 and 2013 in the “non-public corporations with a corporate governance rating” category at the Corporate Governance Awards – an event held by the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey.

Fitch Ratings - BBB(tur)

With its credit rated by Fitch Ratings in 2009 for the first time, Lider Factoring’s A-(tur) long-term credit rating in national currency was affirmed BBB(tur) in 26 August 2020.

Lider Factoring maintains its successful trend as one of the most important corporations in the Turkish factoring industry, thanks to its shareholders’ equity, asset base, strong financial performance and corporate structure.

[1] According to Association of Financial Institutions data